Board Treasurer

Martha (she/her/ella) has over 14 years of experience helping communities of San Diego, CA as a County of San Diego employee.  As a San Diego native, born and raised in Chula Vista, Martha has stayed committed to the needs of her community and the county at large by being an advocate for social, economic and political justice. As a formerly elected Executive Board Member serving as Secretary and Treasurer for SEIU- Local 221, she oversaw financial records to ensure transparency and financial solvency, community advocacy, political engagement, leadership development, and accurate record keeping. She continues to live and love San Diego working in local government and continuing her advocacy for our most vulnerable communities who most need resources and services in order to become self-sufficient and successful in life.

In 2004 Martha received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology & minor in Education from the University of California, Berkeley. She spent her years at Berkeley committed to empowering Latinas through her involvement on campus groups and mentorship programs. Upon completing her studies Martha returned to San Diego to begin her work in local government and implement social and financial programs to provide support to families. Additionally, Martha has received a Master’s in Healthcare Administration with a specialty in Education, certifications in Counseling and AODS (Substance Use Disorders) and awards for county years of service, community engagement and advocacy.

Martha’s greatest reward is her family. As one of the eldest siblings, Martha has been a role model for higher education and achievement for her sisters. Martha is dedicated to her family and the community of San Diego.

Being a part of Uprise Theatre is an opportunity to educate the people she loves and empower them to seek justice and equity through art and activism.