The Mission of Uprise Theatre is to use art and activist lawyering to disrupt systems of oppression and reclaim power with the people.

The Vision of Uprise Theatre is that now will be the time in history in which all peoples are treated by the legal system as full human beings with corresponding full human rights.

We maintain the Values of Uprise Theatre by being authentic in the way we relate to ourselves and others; we are unapologetic in our desire of liberation for all people; and we are a community-based organization.

We do this through: 

Uprise believes art can and should be used to promote social justice. The best example of how we use art to promote empowerment is our flagship theatre program: a legal course that teaches topics including domestic violence, immigration, sexual assault, LGBTQ+ rights and hate crimes, 4th and 5th Amendment rights, and gang and conspiracy charges.

Participants of the program, turned peer-educators, re-teach the information they have learned to the community through live performances. Listen to our first ever podcast-play!

Uprise contributes legal knowledge and skills to the people, striving for investment and empowerment of community members in the legal process.

As an extension of our Know Your Right Forums, Uprise is a core organization with FREE SD and provides limited legal coaching for folks facing criminal charges.